Dalia wrote:

Did anyone consider a subscription to Current Contents CD with abstracts
($2000 per year on a stand-alone PC;  Cost are prohibitive for networking).

We have Current Contents:Life Sciences networked - but 6 weeks only not the CD - and we still have a thriving paper table of contents service.  We are just starting a user survey and one of the items will be about the table of contents service.  It could be the scientist just wants to know when a journal has arrived in the library since we don't send out the contents until we get the hard copy.  If so, we can e-mail the daily list of issues received.  But others use the contents page copy they get to circle what they want and send down somebody to make copies.  They don't want to take the time to look up the contents on anything, even their own e-mail.  It will be interesting to see what they finally say.  We are going to suggest one of the TOC services that people have been mentionin even though they cost money just because it costs our Clerk so much time to copy the contents.

Any other ideas?


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