Donna. I don't think I can accept this accusation. I do understand
     that information doesn't come free. We are more than willing to pay
     for any ILL transactions. I apologize for not putting down the
     library's address. Please be aware that I did try other resources,
     i.e. electronic databases, before I turned to you folks for help.

     Lily Luo
     Deloitte & Touche
     New York, NY 10281

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Subject: Re: ILL help: okla Nurse 1995
Author:  Medical Libraries Discussion List
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Date:    1/23/98 5:56 AM

I'm replying to Lily Luo, but sending to all of you on purpose.

I must be getting wary in my old age, because I'm always suspicious when
someone doesn't give us the full address - what is the name of your
company, Lily?  And why are you suddenly showering us with article

I once worked for a managed care company that expected me to beg, borrow
or steal? articles free and I'm wondering if this is your situation.  If
it is, don't do it!  They have to realize that information is NOT FREE.

Donna Roginski, Manager
Edward Hospital Medical Library
Naperville, IL
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On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Lily Luo wrote:

>      Could someone please fax this page from Oklahoma Nurse:
>      Nold J. Home care... 1995 Oct-Dec; 40(4): 8
>      My fax number is (212) 436-7008. Thanks.
>      Lily Luo ([log in to unmask])