The Hewlett-Packard series of ink-jet printers are cheap and have served
us very well in the public areas.  If you are not ready to go all laser,
they are a safe and economical bet.  Depending on usage, keeping up with
the ink cartridges can be daunting and expensive.  Still, they've been
reliable and have a high quality print - plus they're very quiet so you
don't get the rat-a-tat we used to get with the dot matrix units.


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On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Trumble, Julie M. wrote:

> We are currently in the process of looking for printers to replace the
> old dot matrix TI 880's that we currently have in our reference area.
> Every two computers share a printer.  Printing will be text-only from
> databases, the library catalog, and email.  Do any of you have any
> printers that you love (or hate)? What is it that you love (or hate)?
> If you could choose again, would you choose your current set up?  Are
> there any maintenance issues?  Has anyone figured a cost per page?
> Other comments/suggestions?
> Please respond to me individually and I will summarize for the list.
> TIA,
> Julie Trumble
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