Have noticed a lot of discussion about PubMed not being for
     professional searchers.  I am too new to Medical Libraries to have
     used the old system (ELHILL), but use IGM frequently.

     Being in Europe, I have the advantage of being able to use it mornings
     when most of you in the U.S. are sleeping.  (e.g. 8:00 A.M. here is
     2:00 est, 1:00 cst, etc.)  It often slows to the point of uselessness
     in the afternoon but mornings it's acceptably fast.

     Anyway, unless I misunderstand this, IGM is intended as the more
     advanced interface and PubMed is the simple one for novices.  Am I
     wrong on this ?  Also, there are lots of sites out there providing
     free MEDLINE searches.  If IGM and PubMed are too slow, I'd suggest
     you try one of the others.

     Here are a few (I'm sure there are others) :$P=n$T=/register/register.h
     tm (MEDLINE & Others) (MEDLINE, Search Tools,
     Links) ("Evaluated" MEDLINE, News, More. Free, but
     Requires Regis.)"(Free, but Requires Registration, incl.
     MEDLINE, others.)

     Fred Remus
     US Army Hospital
     Heidelberg, Germany