Regarding Mike K.'s opinion, and Gord L.'s response, I agree with Gord
re: doctors, time, constraints, etc.  Some of our patrons do search
themsleves, but always come to us when things get our of hand (scanning
1000 refereances, even on line, in ridiculous at best, when what one
comes up with is exactly 2 articles...This happend here last week).  I
will not mind getting ILL request via Docline from our people, but are
not ready or able to open ourselves up to the world (currently we are not
Lonsome Doc participants, and do charge for direct faxing to other than
our own users, when the Docline request asks for "fax to" "bill to" - we do
not charge other libraries for library to library service).

We all have
our reality and a lot is theoretically possible - sometimes also
technologically possible but only IF one has the technology and the
means.  I always have "future plans" just in case someone is ready to
cooperate, but it does not happen often.

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On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Sidney Liswood Library wrote:

> I agree and disagree with this view of the New World ...
> I agree that Internet access is a key to the future of providing access
> to medical literature, information, and contacts.
> >From my long experience as Interlibrary Loan Clerk in a teaching
> hospital library, however, I don't think that doctors have all day to
> spend retrieving documents from the Net, no matter how readily available
> they are.
> Many of may patrons are engaged in long-term projects and interests
> which involve continous and copious amounts of literature retrieval.
> These people also have very busy practices, teaching schedules and the
> like.  They just don't have the time to sit and do all this themselves.
> The odd article, fine.  The Internet hobbyist, fine.  I believe,
> however, that for the most part, if a library adds Internet retrieval of
> literature to its repertoire, it still has a major role to play for most
> medical library patrons.  I like to think of the new library as an
> Information and Literature Store, and, like all good stores, if we don't
> have it, we can get it.
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