As someone who lives in Center City Philadelphia (and who hopes that all
MLA members have a wonderful time while they're here), I hope I can clear
up this misunderstanding.

The Marriot is a very short block from the Convention Center (and you can
get from there to the Conv Center without ever going outside, and since it
was built since ADA, it's all handicapped-accessible). It's a very large
hotel (1198 rooms). A number of conferences have been held there since its
completion 3 years ago.

3 blocks away from the Marriot in one direction is the Clarion Suites (in
Chinatown, if you like good eating); 3 blocks in another is the
Holiday Inn-Express. Across from it is the Abigail Adams Bed and
Breakfast. 2 1/2 blocks further is the Bellevue, and a block more the
Doubletree, adding up to over 2000 rooms within 7 blocks of the Marriott
(and within 8 blocks of the Convention Center).

Hope you all have a very pleasant time in Philadelphia!

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On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Karen M. Zundel wrote:

> Readers,
> Having just read the posting from someone looking for a Philadelphia
> roomie for the annual conference, I thought I would pass along some
> information that was clarified for me recently.  I was under the
> assumption also (not sure why) that the conference was being held at the
> convention center until a colleague questioned if that was correct.
> Buried deep on MLANET (under conference information--accomodations) is a
> reference to the Marriott as being the "conference site".  After several
> phone calls and e-mails, I was informed by Frieda Weise, NPC chair, that
> indeed the Marriott is the conference site although many folks I had
> talked to also were under the assumption that the conference would be at
> the convention center.  I suggested to Frieda that this information be
> more prominently displayed on brochures, MLANET and even clarified on
> MEDLIB since it has been a point of confusion. Those folks who need to
> reserve accomodations as close to the site as possible due to physical
> constraints especially need to have this information.
> Hope this helps with making plans.
> --Karen
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