I have tried all the proper channels to get these two
interlibrary loans but to no avail.  If you have either
of these and would be willing to fill,  please let me know.
I will also need to know, in advance,  if and
how much you charge.  Thanks, as always, for your help.
The citations ( I could not verify) are as follows:

    Human Systems Management
    1995  Vol. 14  Pgs. 287-302
    Dooley, K; Johnson, T.
    "TQM, chaos, and complexity.

    Journal of Innovative Management
    1997  Summer   Pages 22-34
    Lindberg, C;  Taylor, J.
    "From the science of complexity to leading in
     uncertain times."

Again, if you can help,  it will be greatly appreciated.
This list really comes through for me. .

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