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Mayo Gonda Vascular Center

 Welcome to Mayo's
Gonda Vascular Center
The Mayo Gonda Vascular Center is a multidisciplinary unit devoted to
providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of patients with
peripheral vascular diseases. These diseases include arterial occlusive
disease (atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries), venous obstruction
and clotting, venous incompetence/insufficiency, cerebrovascular disease
including carotid bruits, aneurysms, thoracic outlet syndrome, vasospastic
disorders including Raynaud's, lymphedema, vascular ulcerations, vasculitis,
and other vascular disorders. The Gonda Vascular Center, a 15,000 square
foot outpatient center, has physicians from Cardiovascular Medicine,
Vascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Radiology, and other specialties
participating in the care of vascular patients. In 1995, the center
performed over 6,000 consults, 5,000 wound healing/care patient visits, and
12,500 vascular diagnostic tests.

Gonda Vascular Center Directors
Thom W. Rooke, M.D. - Cardiovascular Diseases
John W. Hallett, M.D. - Vascular Surgery
E. Meredith James, M.D. - Radiology
David Wiebers, M.D. - Neurology
Fredric B. Meyer, M.D. - Neurosurgery

Physician Staff
Vascular Surgical Staff
Thomas C. Bower, M.D.
Kenneth J. Cherry, M.D.
Peter Gloviczki, M.D.
John W. Hallett, M.D.
Peter C. Pairolero, M.D.

Vascular Medicine Staff
Mahlon K. Burbank, M.D.
John A. Heit, M.D.
John W. Joyce, M.D.
Andre C. Lapeyre, M.D
Wayne L. Miller, M.D.
Thom W. Rooke, M.D.
Alexander Schirger, M.D.
Roger F. J. Shepheard, M.D.
John A. Spittell, M.D.
Peter C. Spittell, M.D.

Neurovascular Staff
Allen J. D. Dale, M.D.
Bruce A. Evans, M.D.
Robert D. Fealy, M.D.
Irene Meissner, M.D.
Bahram Mokri, M.D.
George W. Petty, M.D.
Jerry W. Swanson, M.D.
David O. Wiebers, M.D.
Eelco F. M. Wijdicks, M.D.

Radiology Staff
E. Meredith James, M.D.
Robert A. Lee, M.D.
Bradley D. Lewis, M.D.
Marilyn J. Morton, M.D.
Timothy J. Welch, M.D.

Wound Healing/Care Staff
Karen L. Andrews, M.D.
Mark W. Christopherson, M.D.
Jon B. Closson, M.D.
John P. Jones, Jr. M.D.
John C. Morris, M.D.
Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D.
Thom W. Rooke, M.D.
F. John Service, M.D.
Cindy L. Felty, Nurse Practitioner

Sclerotherapy Staff
Thom W. Rooke, M.D.

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