> Finally, the local level resistance you are experiencing is quite common,
> (though extremely frustrating, I know.)  Take heart, a really neat thing
> about infrastructure connecting us in new ways is that traditional
> political/funding lines are shifting and you can work that to community
> advantage.
> Cynthia and Barb

Thank you for your kind words and positive thoughts, and thanks to the
few that have emailed me privately (But I'd like to see more cross
discussion here.)

Since I've started to get responses to my phone calls I found a website
to organize grant proposals (missed their monthly meeting by one day -
they formed their group about 7 months ago), I'll be meeting with a City
planner today (same one who I met at a CPSR conference on Freenet
building four years ago), and later meeting with the Librarian of
Technology at our downtown public library.  And they all want to know
what they can do for me - but that was to be my question!

I was hoping to find some stalled program or some opposition I could
mediate around. Instead I find no interest, and no general plan. Had I
been working where I am now four years ago, it would have been far

Again, thanks for your ideas - keep it up. I'll be back with more
questions and updates.

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