I have gotten far behind in sending out the minutes from our meetings this
semester, so I will sum it all up in one deal. If you have any comments on
any of the topics, just send an e-mail out to the listserv. it is there for
us to communicate with each other. If you have a problem with the meeting
time and realy want to come but can't make it, send a message about that so
that we can do something about it. Well, here are the minutes...

Social Event:
        Friday April 17th
        Bowling at Ethan Allen Lanes
        leave Votey parking lot at 8pm
        we need people with cars to be willing to drive others over, so we need to
meet in the parking lot at 7:45 so we can be ready to go by 8. If you are
planing to go please e-mail Ed at [log in to unmask] so that we can make
sure we have enough cars and such.
        Ed will make posters for this and put them up around Votey
other ideas for social events are:
        semi formal
        trip to boston, visit the computer museum
        trip to montreal (maybe they have a computer museum too)
        game night, movie night

Unix Workshops:
        The next workshop will be friday April 5th at 3:30
        topics to be covered:(this is a continuation of the first basic workshop)
                mail forwarding
                x-windows, what it is and what it can do
        it will be taught be Ed
At the next meeting, we need to plan what will be taught at future unix
workshops. We need to decide topics to be dicussed at an intro level
workshop and a more advanced one. Topics to include:
        file manipulation
        directory structure
        text editors (pico, emacs)
        programing (how to use gcc, ect)

        the end of the semester is coming up realy soon, so we need to have
elections for next years officers. We need people to run for the different
offices. We would realy like some of the younger students to take up these
roles so that CSSA can be continued into the future.

        There needs to be a recruitment drive to get other students involved.
Involvement is realy low right now. Only the officers have been showing up
to the meetings so far, so we need to spark new interest.