Josephine: The way our company now uses Infotrieve is to make it
          available on the World-Wide Web (  The
          requesters in our company order this way using an internal
          User ID and Password to enter the system. Users then
          identify themselves: name, extension, location, area number
          or project number (for billing purposes) and the number
          and citations of articles the requesters wish to order.
          Articles are delivered to the Information Resource Center at
          ALZA which are then forwarded to the requesters via
          interoffice mail.  From all indications this works quite
          well and efficiently.

          Also, users can use the FAX to order requests: either by
          actually using FAXMAIL feature on our network or FAXing the
          form directly to Infotrieve at 1-301-208-5971.

          Either way has turned out to be more convenient and more
          cost-effective for requesters. Here in the U.S., the price
          per article is $6.75 baseline fee plus a copyright fee
          averaging from $0 to $20.  Delivery time is estimated to be
          within 5 working days (approximately 7 days from the order
          to receipt of the article).  Urgent rushes are charged an
          extra $10.  Rush requests and order status can be checked by
          calling Infotrieve directly at 1-800-422-4633.

          Hope this helps.

          Olga Kallos, Librarian
          ALZA Corp. (a pharmaceutical drug delivery systems company)
          Information Resource Center Library
          Palo Alto, CA

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Please make this info available on the list. We have RECEIVED several
request from them in the past few days.

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Jo Marshall wrote:

> Dear Colleagues
> We are interested to know if anyone has experience with the California
> based document supply company-Infotrieve.
> Any comments regarding response, turnaround time, general efficiency would
> be appreciated.
> Thankyou,
> Jo Marshall
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