The first week of the MLA Online Forum has been a great success.  143
responses have been received.  The many interesting comments
illustrate a commitment by the membership to the future of MLA.

For Week 2, the following issues will be explored:

New Roles, Opportunities and Vision

As we consider our new roles and our vision of the future, how does
Medical Informatics fit in - as a field of study, as research and as
developers and administrators of clinical information systems?

Professional Development

Comments from Week One addressed these themes:  (1) the continued
value of face-to-face education and personal interaction, with
colleagues both inside and outside librarianship; (2) the growing
interest in online education, especially web-based,  in offering
greater access to education and cost savings; (3) the value of
self-directed learning and self-study options; and (4) the need for
cooperation among education-providing agencies (schools of business or
librarianship, professional associations, employers, NLM, etc.).

These themes will be pursued during the next three weeks.

Here is the Question:

What would interest you to take part in web-based or other online
education?  Consider such factors as the nature of the content, your
access to needed technology, the cost, the source, and your own
learning style.  What kind of education lends itself to online
delivery, in other words, for you personally?

We invite you to contribute your comments to the MLA Forum.  The
address for the forum is:


Carol Jenkins
Wayne Peay