I'm looking for a book and have not been able to find it via the usual
methods.  HELP!  I can send ILL form, if needed, and am willing to pay
up to $20.00.  I can use a photocopy of pages, or borrow whole book.

Book:  TDK Magneto Medical Publications Series No. 1.  Beverly Hills,
Ca., TDK Magnetics Corp, 1995.

Chapter: Nakagaw K: Study on clinical effects of the magnetic necklace.
p. 1-12.

Please email me ( mailto:[log in to unmask] ) if you can help.  I appreciate
it very much.  The doctor has found this referenced in several papers,
so it must be out there!

Thanks,    Donna Perzeski     email:[log in to unmask]

Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
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Cleveland, OH  44106