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>>                     National Hospital Libraries
>>                         Facilities Survey
>>                            March 1998
>>                            Carol Jones
>>                               M.L.S.
>>     Background:
>>     The data for this survey was collected from a national survey
>>     conducted through electronic mail. The survey was posted to
>>     Medlib, which is a listserv of medical librarian's, with
>>     approximately 1800 participants.
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>'Solutions for Internet/Intranet Communications Strategies' 
Training Technologies has dealt with many organizations who have faced the
same dilemma that now faces you. The question is how to make the
information gathering process in your organization as efficient as
possible? Let me pose a typical scenario that we frequently encounter, and
break down the various costs as they pertain to a one time survey project
completed manually and presented/delivered on TIME.

Admin Support#1    $10/HR + 50% Benefits    ($15/HR)

Admin Support #2    $10/HR + 50% Benefits   ($15/HR)

1st  Level Manager     $20/HR + 50% Benefits   ($30/HR)

2nd Level Manager     $30/HR + 50% Benefits   ($45/HR)

This team of four members would have to complete the following steps:

A. Manage, (plan, schedule, budget) Deign and teat a pilot survey (designed
for high response and completion rates for cause and effect analysis)

B. Select a sample from a customer or employee list

C. Design a cover letter

D. Sort and filter any necessary criteria

E. Print envelopes and/or mailing labels

F. Collect and tabulate response data

G. Conduct analysis

H. Produce professional looking reports for their customers and/or management

2. The above eight steps would take approximately 60% of the membersí time
for roughly eight weeks

3. To calculate how much it would cost per person for survey project, take
8 weeks and multiply by 40 Hours for total of 320 hours. Divide that by 60%
and you end up with 192 hours per person. In our example the would be as

Admin Support #1 cost=$15/HR x 192HRS=$2,880
Admin Support #2 cost=$15/HR x 192HRS= $2,880
1st Level Managerís cost= $30/HR x 192HRS=$5,760
2nd Level Managers cost= $45/HR x 192HRS=$8,640

The Cost of the Survey without Survey Tracker=$20,160

4. Survey Trackerô for Windows E-Mail version will eliminate the first
three levels of personnel, and only leave the 2nd Level Manager to plan the
project, load a survey, press the send button, and Survey Tracker does the
rest. When you turn the program back on, you can begin to analyze the data,
and create real time reports! Weíve dealt with organizations that normally
had a cycle time of two months to complete these types of projects. With
the use of Survey Tracker software, the cycle time could be cut down to six
days. This alone will save the 3nd Level Manager 87% of the normal time on
a survey project.

If you total the first three levels of personnel and their corresponding
costs, you will find that you will incur a savings of $11,520. Now take
that 87% of the 2nd  Level Managerís cost and you eliminate an additional
$7,516, bringing your total savings to $19,036!

Now let us address a few other issues you may not have considered, such as:

Data Entry:  It takes an assistant five full days to enter data by hand.
                     40hrs x $15 hour=$600

Paper:          Most surveys consist of two or more pages plus a cover letter.
                    10 cents X 4000 sheets=$400

Mailings:       To send these two or more page surveys with a cover letter.
                     75cents X 2000 mailings=$1500

Printing:       To print two more quality sheets.
                     50 cents x 4000 sheets=$2000

These items do not take into account the 100% validity of the data that
you will be collecting over E-Mail versus the human error factor regarding
manual data entry. Nor does it address the issue of the 30%+ higher
response rates due to the ease of use of E-Mail versus the paper survey.

When you add up all the underlined savings, you find that you save roughly
$23,536! Iím sure there are other issues that your organization may incur
that could increase or decrease this final figure, but this should give you
a benchmark of how our Survey Tracker for Windows E-Mail program can save
you not only money, but time and effort as well.

Ready to use modules available 
Save time and effort with ready-to use survey modules that are available
for use with Survey Trackerô. These Modules, containing prewritten surveys
in a wide variety of categories, help you gather the information you need
quickly, saving you valuable time and money. 

For a Free Trial Demo of Survey Tracker / White Paper 'Survey Principils an
Overview'  visit our web site and use Code/ID 111.
<>  You may use this Code/Id for additonal Free
Trials/Demos of our Communication Products/White Papers of interest as well. 
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