We recently got word from Tim Raymond about the replacment of the SGI lab
this summer!!!! Looks good! [In case you didn't know, the SGI machines are
circa 1989]


>  In collaboration the the Dean's Office, EM-CF is proud to announce the
>upgrade of the current UNIX lab in 229 Votey.  After a long and in-depth
>process, we have decided to purchase NEW Sun Ultra 10 computers.  These
>workstations are currently technology (just announced in January), have
>very fast CPU's (yes, faster than new PC's), and very fast graphics (much
>faster than the current ones).  The configuration of the machines is as
>Sun Ultra 10                   (
>       300 MHz Ultra IIi CPU
>       192 MB memory
>       4.0 GB disk
>       3D Creator Series 3 graphics
>               (
>       21" monitors
>       10/100 Autosensing Ethernet cards
>       C,C++,Fortran 77/90,Pascal,Java languages
>               (
>               (
>  We will be installing the machines in the lab during the June/July