I don't know the exact number but it is higher than 240 and if this is LDL
cholesterol and not total cholesterol, that is even worse.  6.2 mmol/L = 240
mg/dL so you can see that 8.2 is very high.  His doctor should prescribe
treatment and retest his level again.

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Hope that helps.

Niyati Pandya

From: Medical Libraries Discussion List
Subject: Cholesterol
Date: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 11:26PM

Hello there,

Could you share your expertise in searching relative information regarding
the following case?

A 58-year-old man  is referred to referred to you for your advice on
whether he should receive treatment for his cholesterol. His GP did a
blood test and found a cholesterol level of 8.2 mol/L.  You enquire about
his previous medical history, which includes:

1. Appendectomy 24 years ago
2. Migraine for last 5 years

There is no family record of IHD, CVA or diabetes.  On further enquiry you
learn that he is a non-smoker and consumes 4 units of alcohol per day. He
is very health conscious and performs regular exercise for about 30 to 45
minutes per day on his exercise bicycle at home.  His wight is 72 kg and
height is 1.82 m.

Thanks in advance.


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