FYI to all on this list.  Do you remember the supplement on Breast Cancer done by
Library Journal?  It was so successful, that they are doing another supplement on
Consumer Health this May or June.  They have written to hundreds of publishers and asked for new publications in consumer health.  The list is being compiled now.
It should be a good tool for forthcoming books,, although they will not be evaluated.
        Also, NLM will begin to index ten consumer health titles this year.  These include all of the Harvard consumer health titles.  When I dig a little further through the endless pile of paperwork on my desk, if I find the exact list I will post it.  Hopefully, they will expand the number of titles they are indexing soon.

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Subject:  Re: Bandon-Hill list for consumer health

Library Journal has reviews of a good number of consumer health titles,
some written by hospital librarians.  I am sure Choice has them too.
These are a bit more evaluative than the Login list, that was already noted.

I ahve not been reading Library Journal lately, so I cannot say if they
ran a bibliography of such reasources (the publication does offer
bibliographies on various topics).

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