Stacy - just for your info., thought I'd pass along these websites that
other librarians recommended for Y200K issues...

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The ECRI publication "Health Devices" devoted its December 1997 issue
to the Year 2000 problem.  There are several internet sites suggested for
more information:  center for devices and radiological health.
General web site, click on link to Topic Index, then "y" for year 2000,
lots of info here! (new updated
address) Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council Subcommittee on Year
2000 and General Services Administration... Updated as of 4/3/98   Rx2000 Solutions Institute home page, devoted to
Y2K problems in healthcare.   IBM. THe year 2000
and 2 digit dates.... 180 page overview report.   Year 2000 Information Center Web site.
Hundreds of links.

Ive just checked all these links and they all work. You might also try
searching on "millenium bug".


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