I am in the process of evaluating Patient Education software products for
use in our hospital system. I am looking at The CareNotes System from
Micromedex and Clinical Teacher's P.E.T. by

Do you have any other Windows or Web based packages to suggest?
Have you seen other Patient Ed software used in your hospital?
The ideal package should be very comprehensive and customizable to allow
for local variations.  It would be easy for staff to use and include most
procedures and conditions found in a hospital setting.  Useful for practice
groups and outreach workers would be great too.

I've also looked at PatientEd by Medifor and
E-Sheets by Krames I don't think these are
comprehensive enough for our hospital setting.

Health Reference Center and Health Source Plus are well liked by many, but
I'm not looking for a bibliographic product such as these.  I haven't seen
Silver  Platter's Patient Ed database yet.
In our library we use 4 modules from Clinical Reference System

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