This is not really a summary, but as I am about to go to MLA (and
set my MEDLIB-L to no mail, I thought I would revisit the issue
I raised earlier in the week.

It seems that those of us with direct accounts with DIALOG will be
billed a minimum of $75 per month beginning in June 1998.

Some respondents have expressed anger and frustration;  others hope
to see DIALOG reps at MLA and plan to discuss the issues there.

Two suggestions have been offered so far:

1. Consider a possible alternative to DIALOG, such as OCLC search
   capabilities or those of a relatively new vendor, Manning& Napier.

2. Join a local library network, such as CAPCON in the Washington DC
   area, or PALINET in Pennsylvania, which offer DIALOG accounts.
   It appears that members of library networks which handle the billing
   for DIALOG will not have to pay the $75/month minimum.

I hope to report more after MLA.  While my MEDLIB-L is set to no mail
(May 21-28) please send any comments about this issue to my address:

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