We get Violence and Victims, and it is indexed/abstracted in: CINALH, Criminal
Justice Abstracts,Penology and Police Science Abstracts,Family Studies
Database, Index Medicus, Mental Health Abstracts, NCJRS, the "Psyc" databases
and print, Sage Family Studies Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Social
planning/ policy and development, Social Work Abstracts, and Social Welfare.

The key I guess is that old question of teasing assessment instrument
information out of a bibliographic database.

A quick scan of recent issues didn't yield anyhting particularly useful,
however I would also look at the American Journal of Othopsychiatry.

One article: Harrington D, Black MM, Starr RH, Dubowitz H;  Child Neglect:
relation to child temperament and family context. American Journal of
Orthopsychiatry. 68: 1 January 1998 p. 108-116

Mentions several instruments: Child well-being scales; Infant and child
charcteristics questionnaire; and also some measures of parenting skills and

You might look for similar articles via PUBMED.

Good luck!
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