> I was wondering what is Steamboat Springs like? My wife and I are thinking of
> going there next winter. We are solid intermediates. Anyones comments would
> be appreciated whether it be the mountain or the town.

The mountain: about 3600' vertical, but almost all the skiing
is on the top 2000'.  Base is around 6900', and it tops out
at about 10500', so the altitude isn't as much of a problem
as Summit County CO.  The main lifts are all 2000' vertical,
so the runs are nice and long.  Don't be dismayed by huge
lines first thing in the morning at the gondola - it's an
8 passenger beast and it eats up the lines very quickly.  The
only other lines you're likely to see are on the Burgess Creek
lift right at lunch time, but there are boards listing the
waiting time for many lifts all over the mountain - and there's
always another way to get where you want to go.

There's lots of intermediate and low to mid expert stuff:
cruisers, trees, moguls, trees with moguls.  There are three
chutes for the real experts, but I don't think they are by
any stretch "extreme".  Haven't skied those, though.

The mountain faces west, so things can get pretty soft in the
afternoon and during the spring things don't soften up until
later in the day.

Brush up on your tree skiing before you go.  There are a bunch
of great tree runs on the trail map and many more that aren't.

There's a fairly well developed base area with lots of lodging,
restaurants, and shops.  The town of Steamboat Springs is about
five miles away with more lodging (much cheaper and some pretty
seedy places), restaurants, and shops.  A shuttle bus runs between
the town and the mountain with a minimal charge (was 50 cents a
few years ago) so you don't need a car.  The town and base are
not at all glitzy - you won't mistake them for Aspen or even

There's a cat skiing outfit just outside town.  I've never tried
it, but people who have say it's great.

Overall, it's one of my favorite places to skiing.  Those who
like to scare themselves silly every run will find it boring,
but if you're satisfied with cruisers, trees, and moguls, it's
a great place.

Also, if you're flying in, see if the Steamboat STOLport is
still in operation - it's a 5 minute drive from town.  The
next nearest airport is in Hayden, about 20 minutes away.
Denver is a 3-4 hour drive over at least one major pass.