> >        OK, Denis, tell everyone how you pronounce Absarokas .... if you
> >don't REALLY know, they you weren't there!
> I have no idea.  We just passed these mtns. on the interstate at about 90
> mph.  They were craigy and impressive as hell.  The map said they were the
> Absarokas (sp?).  You can be the first to tell me how to pronounce it.

Flying into JH, we passed over the Wind River range.  Also amazingly
craggy, etc.  I'd love to go back and hike around there.

> We were thinking that a month or 6 weeks to tour such places in the
> northern rockies would be a hell of a good idea.  Schweitzer, Montana Snow
> Bowl, Anaconda, Big Mtn., maybe some BC places like Red Mtn., Whitewater,
> etc.   Several of these have made the Little Areas That Rock list too.

Throw in Fernie, Apex, Silver Star, and a host of others...
The Northern Rockies Ski Odyssey (sp?) has been a dream of mine
for quite a while, but I've never heard of Anaconda.  Anyone been
to The Big Mountain?

> >        I dunno' what you're talkin' 'bout, Denis.  Didn't you see ALta
> >Chutes, T-3, Cheyenne Bowl, Mushroom Chutes, Hoots, Toilet Bowl, Paintbrush,
> >Headwall, etc, etc?

I did a few of these, and some others.  They didn't scare me like
some of the stuff at Tahoe did.  Well, the Alta chutes did, but only
because they were very icy!  I've like to hit Jackson on a really
good day to get the full experience, but I just can't count on the
weather cooperating, so I'd rather go back to Tahoe where the steeps
are just as steep, the snow is more reliable, and the liftlines are