At 4:00 AM -0700 6/30/98, Telenaut wrote:
|Walked over to the mountaintop edge and--good God, I hope someday to ski
|Loveland pass down towards the Pacific and that hairpin turn on rte 6
|before A Basin. What a magnificent, rolling, black, with patches of both
|blue and double-black slope. It cried out to me. Oh I want to do it so
|Ran (pretend slalomed) down the dirt path back to my car on the
|Continental Divide. Drove down to A Basin to tour the parking lot and
|vowed to return in Winter.

Great post, Dan.  Sounds like too much effort for too little return
forthese old bones.  Get out here in winter and we'll do both.

P.S. Me and "Air Charlie", our 2 yr old Aussie Shepherd, placed 5th of 16
entrants in the Flying Disc Dog Open.  It was our first competition.

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