Jim Crowley wrote:

> Cambodia?  Nope, saw Ron up ahead of us, that's his favourite.  What about

        Gee, Jim, I see that you've got the spelling down, eh.

> to break up it up.  No blood was drawn as far as I could tell, but goggle
> lenses were smashed.  The liftee hauled the snowboarder out of the line to
> chants of "dickhead, dickhead" and "take his pass" and "call immigration"

        If SkiVtlers were around, would the chant be "whose, whose, whose" ?

>         Did the guys at the back of the line think that one more person in front
> of them would have meant no first tracks?  Was the snowboarder that
> sensitive to name calling?  I like first tracks as much as the next guy,
> but I don't complain about someone jumping in front of me because I presume
> that a double needs another person to fill the triple chair.  If the guy
> had ridden the chair by himself, on the other hand....  If I had been the
> line cutter I would have just accepted the name calling with the knowledge
> that I'm just filling an empty seat and I might steal their first tracks.
> What makes people behave this way in a crowded liftline on a powder
> morning?  I guess it's just the adrenaline rush that goes with the new

        Kinda' surprising.  Everyone at Red when I went there on holiday
and Western Canada has been very kind to me in addition to being very
l a i d   b a c k. When I was at Red, the snow was sludge, yet some locals
were nice enough to show me their isolated hidden powder stash which was
still fresh.
        Red also has extensive terrain and the greatest tree skiing I've ever
seen.  Surely, untracked would be found days after the storm.

Fortunate To Have Been To Red Mountain .... Whitewater and Fernie, Too!