Denis Bogan wrote:

> >        OK, Denis, tell everyone how you pronounce Absarokas .... if you
> >don't REALLY know, they you weren't there!
> I have no idea.  We just passed these mtns. on the interstate at about 90
> mph.  They were craigy and impressive as hell.  The map said they were the
> Absarokas (sp?).  You can be the first to tell me how to pronounce it.

        Your spelling is correct.  Pronounced Ah - sor - kas.   .... boy are
we hard up for amusement.

> northern rockies would be a hell of a good idea.  Schweitzer, Montana Snow
> Bowl, Anaconda, Big Mtn., maybe some BC places like Red Mtn., Whitewater,

        What I've HEARD (First 4)/experienced (last 2):

        Schweitzer -    Great terrain, but has a quasi-Pacific Northwest climate
                        which means rain & fog.
        Montana Snow Bowl - Sometimes referred as the Dust Bowl.  It can get
                        dry.  Great terrain, No McSkiing.
        Anaconda -      Has anyone heard of this?
        Big Mtn -       Great powder.
        Red Mtn -       Cool
        Whitewater -    Even cooler. The lowest on the McScale I've ever seen.

> It looks steep.  I understand that Bill Briggs who did the first ski
> descent of the Grand Teton in '63, either owns it or is ski school director.

        Correct on his job.  Correction, first descent of "The Grand": 6/15/1971.
He also made a historic descent of Rainier via the Ingraham Glacier/Icefall
in 1961.