Doug Slifkin wrote:

> labor day.  I had a dream that Stowe received 500 inches of snow during
> November and December.  Driving to Stowe Burlington had 5 feet of snow on the
> ground and going up the axis road the snow was up in the trees likethose ski

        Is that where the Germans, Italians and Japanese lived during WWII?

> videos from the sierra.  There were front end loader's hauling the snow away
> from the road.  When the mountain finally reopened they had to put those poles
> up underneath the quad so people wouldn't hit their head on peoples skis.  I
> made it up there that day and there were only a few dozen skiers and I
> remember skiing down a bottomless liftline without making a single turn
> because the snow was so deep.  I can't even remember if I skied in the woods
> during my dream but with that much snow tree wells must have been 20 feet
> deep.  Sure it will be nice to get in some October skiing at Killington or

        Cool dream, Dougie.  I have had 3 ski dreams in the last 10 days,
already and it ain't even July.  Number 1 - I was at K-Mart in early December;
there was thin cover, but some dry fresh snow with sunshine and cold blustery
winds and I was finding fresh at Needle's Eye.  Number 2 - I was supposedly
in the Northwest, but it looked like the Carriage Road on Moosilauke;  there
was powder, crud, wet snow, ice patches and sunshine - a blast!  Number 3 -
I was on my way to MRG in the dark on I-89 when wet snow started to fall and
I let out a cheer.

        ... sick of Summer.  I wanna' cold blustery day ... strap on the
crampons and hike above treeline in some ice crust ... click into bindings
and dodge some rocks and bear spots and think of how I could use another
layer of ploypro ....
        Is anyone else out there chomping at the bit, too,m like Doogie & I?