Jonathan Kamien, Ph.D. wrote:

> I've had two sets:
> one was a MA plate="MADRIVR".  Many people thought it stood for "Mad Driver"

   In MA "Mad Driver" would make more sense to people then Mad River
When I first moved to MA in 1980 at 19 years old people in Vermont
I drove crazy but I fit right in in MA. I even had to learn how to drive
once I started 5 years of night Scool at Northeastern in Boston in 1980.

   I'll never forget when I got pulled over by a MA State Trooper in
going to School at Northeaster for weaving thru traffic on I93. He said
"We don't let people drive like you were anymore!". I thought to myself,
Bummer, as he gave me a $50 ticket for going 75 in a 55 zone. Good thing
I was almost done with School.

    Dave Barcomb

P.S. I try to drive reasonably now and avoid weaving thru traffic
although I do believe in taking the 10 MPH over that most Police
give you (Even if it's Snowing. I love driving in Snow!).