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>>  IFLA will be Meeting in Jeruaslem in August 2000 (beginingAugust 13).
>>  The Cairperson of IFLA,Ms Cristine Dechamps and its Secretary
>> General, Mr.Leo Voght, visited Israel May 25-28. It seems that
>> notwithstanding some hitches on our part and pressure from interested or
>> uninformed groups and persons the Conference will take place in Jerusalem as
>> planned (Leo Voght and the former Chair of IFLA, Bob Wedgeworth were helpful
>> and instrumental in the decision a few years ago-and I am proud to consider
>> them friends).

>> On Thursday the 28th they visited our library at the University of
>> Haifa,which has also one of the best collections in Arabic and Islam, then
>> visited the Druze Library in Yisfia (Arab speaking) and the library in
>> Majdel Kurum wher its director Ali Maana invited us and six other directors
>> of Arab Libraries in Israel-(all our former students) to meet and discuss a
>> Regional Satelite conference on the organization of materials in Arab
>> libraries to take place in Haifa during IFLA in 2000. The meeting will be
>> organized by Ali and Prof. Irene Sever-the chair of the Library studies in
>> Haifa,in the hope that they will manage to receive help and cooperation from
>> nighbouring countries

>> One of the more moving features were when Leo Voght and Cristine Dechamps
>> Presented Ali Maana with a gift of an IFLA personal membership to the year
>> 2000. Ali is the first and only Israeli librarian to receive such a gift and
>> as a former teacher and now colleague, I am rather proud that Israeli
>> librarians, Arab and Jews may contribute at least a little bit to the
>> prospecs of peace with our neighbours. While this is not JUDAICA
LIBRARIANSHIP it has some professional interest, and I hope that you will
publish this.shmuel
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