We're shopping for a new copier, and copiers have certainly changed since
we last shopped 5 years ago. We find, for example, that they're getting
taller, but our staff is not. We're now demo'ing the Lanier 7345, which is
37-1/2 inches high (compared to our current 36" machine). The Canon NP6545
is also 37-1/2".

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and how have you solved it? A
step stool is not an option due to the location and safety factors. Also,
we need a document feeder, so the Xerox book copier we looked at (there
may be other models, I need to call Xerox) is not an option either.

We're also investigating a lease, so we can upgrade to a combined
FAX/copier when the technology impoves. Right now they're too slow as
copiers, since we're used to a 50 copy per minute machine.

Thank you for any advice/suggestions/info. I'll summarize if there's any

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