***Please forward to your students***


The next meeting for the student activist conference will be:  FRIDAY,
JULY 10 from 9 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. at the Women's Center. Mark your
calendars! Our next meeting will focus primarily on marketing the
conference to students and getting students involved in the planning this

The Agenda:

I.   Confirm workshops and facilitators
II.  Marketing plans
III. Student involvement

To date, we have nine workshops planned:

Activism 101-Sally Conrad and Jen Matthews
Fighting Homophobia and Heterosexism-Spark Campbell
Women's Health and the Environment-Holly Shaner and Dr. Patty O'Brien
Ending Violence against Women-Meg Landry
Active Women in the Sports World-Barbara Cochran
Faith, Feminism and Choices-Rev. Lee Alison Crawford

We are still working on finding facilitators for the following workshops:
Radical Environmentalism (Meg)
Ending Racism(Rebecca)
Body Image and the Media(Heather)

(The names in the parenthesis are the individuals responsible for tracking
down facilitators.)

We would love to have undergraduates attend these meetings-if you know any
that are available and interested, please bring them to the next meeting!