Hi all,

Don't know if Internet Explorer is similar, but with Netscape Navigator, the
bookmarks are saved in a .html file, which can be opened in many word
processors.  It also opens in Netscape if you double click it - there's a
list of whatever you have in your bookmarks - it doesn't show web addresses
unless you have them in your bookmarks that way.

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From: "Blobaum, Paul" <pblobaum
Subject:       Ref? How do u Print list of Favori
Date: Wednesday, July 15, 1998 2:28PM

I want to put a list of my favorite sites <bookmarks> which I use on the
web in my documentation book for our JCAHO site visit... but can't
figure out how to print a list.   Has anyone done this?  I have Internet
Explorer. INfo Systems is stumped...


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