My patron is writing a book and needs information on atropine coma
therapy that apparently was used at one time years ago on his father.
 One of the citations he requested is from an Army Field Manual 8-9
It has a list of references at the end which includes the citation I
am going to ask about.  I checked 5 other citations in the same
section of references on "Incapacitants" and they were all either
correct or about 90% correct.  Although I am not a proficient Medline
searcher, I understand most of the features of PubMed and Internet
Grateful Med Advanced searches, and this citation doesn't retrieve.
That suggests to me that perhaps it is correct, in author and title,
but wrong in volume, number, and date, and predates the online
Medline. I have looked for everything by the authors, for all
relevant part of the title, looked at everything that is indexed for
the volume and issue, checked every JAMA that has the same
pagination, looked for all sorts of combinations in case part of it
was correct and part of it was wrong.   I checked Oldmedline also.
Does anyone have a way to check for this other than Medline?  You
will be wasting your time to search it there, because I feel
confident it is not in the online database.

Here is the citation:

Miller, J.J., Forrer, G. R.  "Atropine Coma: A Somatic Therapy in
Psychiatry." JAMA Vol. 206;9:455-457, Nov 25, 1968.

If you would like to look at the source it was taken from, it is at:

In the meantime, I have chosen another article to request on ILL, but
of course he is very interested in seeing this one if it actually

Thank you.
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