This is an excellent topic. Community policing is a key *application* of
community networking!

:: At 12:42 PM +0100 7/30/98, Gary Chapman wrote:
:: >I'm going to be speaking at an international conference on community
:: >policing, called "Beyond the Rhetoric: Facing the Challenges of Community
:: >Policing," in Chicago August 11-14. I'll be addressing the potential
:: >interface between community networks and community policing, to an audience
:: >of about 750 senior police officials from all over the world.

In Charlotte, we are partnering with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police
Department and UNC Charlotte to create an electronic community policing
training institute ( the goals are several:

        1. deliver community police training *to the desktop* for law
enforcement. This is espoecially important for smaller departments (80%
of law enforcement in the Carolinas, e.g., have departments of fewer than
35 officers; travel time, cost and staff time lost are serious inhibitors
to training).

        2. Develop and deliver via the Internet also use of GIS as a
community problem-solving tool.

        3. Provide means for citizens to interact with law enforcement in
a *neutral* electronic space and give citizens access to community
policing training in a way that makes them claim a share of ownership in
the public safety of their neighborhoods and the community at large.

Hope the talk goes well.
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