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>It's spam my freind. Replies just waste your time.

Well I didn't think this was a very well-known list.. and as such, I
figured the members were all students at UVM.  And I didn't think a ton of
people were subscribed.  Thus, I figured a reply wouldn't be a waste of
time.  :-)

>But seeing as their is now some traffic on the list, whats going on
>people? A new semester begins in a few weeks, we might as well get on the
>ball... I thought that assiging CSSA contacts to new computer science
>students was a neat idea. Was that something the CS department
>sponsered/aided and if so -- details.

Well, I e-mailed Wesley Alan Wright about this deal with upgrading the UVM
Web Pages and system, but he has yet to reply.. I e-mailed him about a week
ago.  I'd really like to help on this, if anyone knows anything.

On another (pretty random) note.. I am TA'ing CS 21 next semester, but they
changed the curriculum from C to Microsoft Visual C++, which I don't really
know, so I am trying to cram as much as I can before classes start.  :-)


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