Mail-Order of US Prescription Drugs to China

Many Chinese students and scholars in the USA have probably experienced the
difficulty of buying medicines for their friends or relatives with severe
diseases in China. It is almost impossible for one to buy prescription drugs
without an actual prescription prescription here in the USA, because of the
Federal Law. At the same time, drugs that recently have gotten approved by US
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not be available for patients in China
for another 2-3 years.

Canton Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the USA is a subsidiary of China National
Pharmaceuticals (Group) Guangzhou Corporation. With a strong business
relationship to many US pharmaceutical manufacturers and international
distribution companies, Canton Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides Mail-Order of US
Prescription Drugs including all drugs listed in the Physician Desk Reference
(PDR) and FDA new approved drugs to patients in China.

Your order will be shipped to China via the US Express, or other express
service carriers if it is available in the receiver area.

For more information, please contact to

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