The Self-Help Sourcebook:  your Guide to Community and Online Support
Groups, 6th Edition, 1998 available from AMerican Self-Help
Clearinghouse, Northwest Covenant Medical Center, 25 Pocono Road,
Denville, New Jersey 07834-2995

348 pages, includes web page addresses for many organizations.

This is a MUST HAVE resources for any health science or public
libraray... and its only $12 !!

Also, better bookmark HealthFinder, a service of the Dept of Human


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> Subject:      directory of support groups suggestions
> I have been getting a lot of calls for information on support groups
> for
> various medical conditions relating to physical therapy and
> rehabilitation.
> Does anyone have a good, up to date directory or resource that they
> would recommend on this topic?
> I have been using the Encyclopedia of Medical Organizations and
> Agencies, the National Trade and Professional Associations, State and
> Regional Associations, and the Encyclopedia of Health Information
> Sources.  I sometimes do internet searches to find support groups.
> Thanks
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