the IBIS Medical Software - Interactive BodyMind Information System - is a
comprehensive software compilation of clinical materials derived from
scientific studies, clinical experience and traditional usages and covering
the full range of alternative therapies

for more see:

a work in progress for over ten years

AltHealthWatch is another great tool - it is a full-text CD-ROM containing
a wide range of journals in this area
also available through Integrative Medical Arts Group,


also Alternative and Complementary Therapies is peer-reviewed, I am on the
practitioner advisory board

The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and the townsend Letter are also great

>In reference to some titles in alternative/complementary medicine, I
>have some suggestions for you.
>Some journals' titles:
>* Complementary Therapies in Medicine. Published by Churchill
>Livingstone. Peer reviewed.
>* Advances: The Journal of Mind-Body Health. Published by Fetzer
>Institute. Peer reveiwed?
>* Alternative Therapies in health and medicine. Peer reviewed. (I don't
>have the publisher, I'm sure it is in "Medical Books and Serials in
>* Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Published by Mary Ann
>Leibert, Inc. Peer review?
>* FACT. Focus on Alternative anc Complementary Therapies. This is a sort
>of  Evidence-Based journal on alternative/complementary medicine.
>Published by the U of Exeter in UK.
>* Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Research on
>Paradigm, Practice, and Policy. Published by Mary Ann Leibert, Inc. Peer
>Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons. A Report to the
>National Institutes of Health on Alternative Medical Systems and
>Practices in the United States.  NIH Publication No. 94-066. 1994.
>Shohreh Saljooghi-Hojat
>Irvine, California
>Karen Azulai wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I would very much appreciate it if some of you, with extensive
>> Alternative/complementary medicine literature in your library could
>> recommend those books (or magazines) which are considered to be GOOD
>> books on AM and which encorporate references with clinically proven
>> data.
>> TIA.
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>> Karen Azulai
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