thanks for your input.

I am in total agreement with you.  I strongly feel that we were "let
down" by our leadership when they decided to go forward with the proposal
to institute a one-candidate slate rather than do a thorough study of the
issue and consider alternatives.  NONE of that was done even though I
have been "papering" the Board and others with memos about this for the
last year or two.  I had even gone so far as to suggest the Board conduct
a straw poll of the membership before going forward - also not done.

As for who they consider "qualified."  Now there's the rub once again.  I
have no idea and can only assume the Nominating Committee establishes
that as they go along.  ONe thing I do know, in the past 20 years, even
though the largest constituency in our association is made up of hospital
librarians, only 5 have been President over the last 20 years (Gertrude
Lamb, Loia Ann Colaianni, Holly Shipp Buchanan, Judith Messerle, - and three
of those then went on to jobs in Academia or NLM (Holly, Judith, and Lois
ann). Being President seems to be quite the job-advancement mechanism.

I think it would be interesting, if not essential, to take a long hard
look at why this is.  Logic tells us that it has to do with support.
Being President requires a minimum of 50% of one's time (and they must
make that committment before running).  That pretty much excludes many
one-person or few-person hospital libraries where the hospital
administrators usually wouldn't permit their librarian being away that
much.  This is why I think my idea of providing support staff, or even
librarian assistance to the President is a good one.  It would enable
more hospital librarians to participate in the election process.

Bottom line, we must look into why there is such a problem in getting
candidates to run and address those problems rather than this chicken way
out.  It does nothing to resolve the problem of the disparity between
hospital librarians and academic in running for President.


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On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, KWRIGLEY wrote:

> I have been an MLA member for many years and I favor a 2 or more
> candidate slate.  I have a couple of thoughts regarding your alert.  First,
> what is "qualified?"  If we have 5,000 members but few are considered
> "qualified" then that is fertile ground for discussion.  If the position
> requires more time that librarians feel they can give, that, too is fertile
> ground for discussion.  How do other library associations compare with
> MLA in this regard?  How, if at all, are officers assisted on the "home
> front" by other library associations?  Perhaps some benchmarking is in
> order.  I favor a thorough review and airing of these issues prior to a
> bylaws change to a one-candidate "election."
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> Tom and all otehrs -
> it is late in the day, and I have not as yet seen ANy responses.  So here
> it goes:  I agree with Tom, for a variety of reasons, many already
> stated in his alert.   Our State organization have reverted to such
> a practice at least 12 years ago, and I do not think it is very
> successful.  The problem with a double slate is, as a colleague
> expressed it some years back, was that it actuallt worked against
> her when she was not elected.  Her administrator wanted to know
> "why"...And I have seen,m too often, that the one who is the runner
> up moves into the single position later, and it smacks too muc from
> inside manipulations.   Our Medical Staff here "elects" presdients,
> but it is known that there is an heirarchy, and one has to serve
> time, so to pseak, as secretary and 3rd VP and 2nd vp etc to
> qualify.  However, and this is cynical:  does it really make that much of
> a difference?  how much "damage" can one wreck in one year?  there is
> rarely much change, anyway.  And to take it a step further, why hold
> elections at all for a single slate, unless one needs a certain qourum to
> qualify.   I read a fiction story many years ago, about a future election
> for president of the US, where polsters and computers crunch so many
> numbers and came up with a ONE decisive vote, and everybody
> decended on
> this little house in remote MAine for the one and deciding vote.  Does
> not look like fiction now.
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