We are a hospital library in a pediatric tertiary care center which is
also a teaching hospital.  Our collection consists of about 2,500
monographs and 400 serials subscriptions.  We have a staff of three, of
whom two are librarians.

We are in the midst of trying to obtain an ILS, the first for our library.
We have settled on Horizon, produced by Ameritech, and must make our case
before an Information Technology Steering Committee composed of high-level
hospital administrators and physicians.  In June, we made a presentation,
in which we described how well the product fits in with other hospital IT
initiatives and the hospital's computing environment, how library services
will be improved for all hospital staff, how library staff time will be
used to produce better customer service, etc.  At the conclusion, we were
left with only one question from the group - how many library staff would
we recommend be let go with all the efficiencies we will obtain through
acquisition of an ILS.

The mandate we are now faced with is to gather, not just testimonials,
which will refute this, which will show that an ILS does not reduce the
need for staff; that as the result of an increased awareness of library
services by personnel throughout the institution, due to desktop access by
all to our catalog, requests for services will go up, that administering
and using a complex piece of software cannot lessen the need for staff -
all pretty obvious stuff to us, but which the bean counters demand be

I've communicated with several Horizon users to try to gather this data,
but it's very difficult to compare situations across libraries so
different than ours.  Therefore, this is an appeal to any hospital library
at all similar to ours, which has ANY ILS.  If you'd be willing to take
the time to have me ask you some questions, please contact me as below.

Thank you.

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