I have been asked to find some material on "Physician service
recognition awards".  I have searched the usual databases - Medline -
Hstar - and the internet for a couple of hours and have found a little
bit.  I was also in charge of revamping our employee recognition program
over a year ago, which has been a success and thanks to many of you who
gave suggestions.

I am not looking for Professional recognition such as having earned
Board certification ect., but wanting to recognize one Physician per
year at the annual Medical Staff meeting and Christmas banquet
combination for their contributions to St. Mary's.

We are trying to find out if anyone has such a program in place?  What
type of criteria do you use for nominations? (we used Heart of Mercy for
our employee recognition with heart being an acronym for Hard-working,
Enthusiastic, Action-oriented, Respected, Teammate.)   Who nominates,
employess and/or physicians?  Who does the final vote, Administration,
Medical Executive committee or the Board of Trustees?

If you have a program in place at your hospital, or have suggestions,
please contact me directly.  Or if there is any one at your institution
that would be willing to discuss their program, let us know.  I can
summarize if wanted.  Any and all help will be appreciated.  THANKS IN

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