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              Genealogical Society of Vermont
             Records Preservation Grant Program
                Information for Applicants

The Genealogical Society of Vermont (GSV) makes grants of up
to $750 available to individuals and organizations for
assistance with preservation and dissemination of records of
potential interest in the study of Vermont family history.
Activities which would be suitable for support from this
program include microfilming and publication of transcriptions
of records.

GSV will look for the following considerations in reviewing

*  The records come from Vermont and/or pertain to
Vermonters. Private family records will not be a priority for
this program unless they include an extraordinary amount of
previously unavailable information about Vermont people.

*  The records are of a nature which lend useful information
to the study of Vermont family history. Records of purely
political or economic content, for example, would not be a

*  The records have not previously been published or

*  The project is sponsored by a nonprofit organization (such
as a local historical society) or an individual without
expectation of financial benefit to any individual or
corporation. (Publication by a nonprofit organization or
individual with the assistance of a commercial publisher is

*  If publication is planned, transcription has been done
according to current standards used by scholarly genealogists.
(GSV can provide further guidance on this matter.)

*  Copies of microfilms or published books will be made
available without charge to the Vermont Historical Society and
the State of Vermont Public Records Division, along with other
repositories as circumstances dictate. There should be no
unreasonable restriction of availability of copies of books or
films for purchase.

Applications for grants should be sent to GSV in care of
any of its officers or at P.O. Box 1553, St. Albans, Vermont
05478, and should include the following information:

*  Name of the applicant individual or organization. In the
case of organizations, names, addresses, telephone and fax
numbers, and email addresses of any officers involved
--typically the president and treasurer--and any other contact

*  Description of the records to be preserved, including their
content, dates of creation, current location and custody, and
condition. It is the responsibility of the applicant
individual or organization to ascertain whether the owner or
custodian of the original records has provided any necessary
permission for their filming, publication, or preservation.

*  Expected means of record preservation. In the case of
microfilming, the State of Vermont Public Records Division in
Middlesex will film records at a fee of $40 per volume, and
GSV encourages the use of this service.

*  Anticipated cost of the project and amount requested
from GSV.

Applications will be approved, modified, or declined at the
discretion of the Genealogical Society of Vermont Board of
Directors with the advice of the Publications Committee.



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