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Dear Vermont Educators,

Could you please forward the announcement below to as many teachers and
county school district administrators as possible? Thank you very much for
spreading the word. We hope you can all include our free, public education
events into your curriculum. Hope to see you at the events!

With thanks,

Jill Oliver
Vice President, Vermont Archaeological Society

Vermont Archaeology Week Steaming Ahead!

The Vermont Archaeological Society, Inc. and the Vermont Division
for Historic Preservation are launching Vermont Archaeology Week,
September 20-26, 1998! This year's theme, Journey Into the Past,
celebrates the 5th annual Vermont Archaeology Week, 30th anniversary of
the Vermont Archaeological Society, Inc., and the 150th year of  railroads
 in  Vermont. Vermont's leading heritage outreach program publicizes over
70 fascinating events and exhibits, most free and open to the public. Many
of our events are specifically aimed at students and teachers of all ages!

Make your own atlatl (a prehistoric spear-thrower used to hunt caribou),
learn what Native Americans ate for dinner in the past, discover a
historic site right in your own town, take part in a Teacher's Workshop to
integrate regional archaeology, prehistory, and history into your
classroom, and dig  into  many  other  aspects  of  Vermont's archaeology.
Check out our Calendars of Events and webpage for a full listing of
activities promoting stewardship of Vermont's fragile archaeological and
historic sites and structures.

Grassroots outreach through Vermont Archaeology  Week enables over 10,000
folks to annually learn  more  about  Vermont's  significant,
non-renewable archaeological sites and help protect them. The Green
Mountain State's rich and ancient heritage provides a tangible link to the
past and strong sense of Vermont's identity. Begin your Journey Into the
Past with us tomorrow!

     Vermont Archaeology Week online Calendar of Events:

     VAS Web Page For More Information:

                To Receive a Free Event Calendar:
               Division for Historic Preservation
                National Life Building, Drawer 20
                 Montpelier, Vermont  05620-0501
                       TEL: (802) 828-3119

               For General Publicity Information:
                Kathleen E. Callum/Robert A Sloma
                   VAW '98 State Coordinators
               c/o GEOARCH, Inc., 594 Indian Trail
                    Leicester, Vermont 05733
                       TEL: (802) 247-8127

               For Donation in Support of VAW or a
              VAW '98 Poster ($6, Supply Limited)
                  Send check or money order to:
              Vermont Archaeological Society, Inc.
                 ATTN: Vermont Archaeology Week
                          P.O. Box 663
                    Burlington VT 05402-0663

* The VAS is a non-profit (501)(C)(3) corporation. Donations are
deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

Jill Oliver, VAS Vice President
Kathleen E. Callum, VAW '98 Coordinator
Robert A. Sloma, VAW '98 Coordinator & VAS Secretary
594 Indian Trail
Leicester, VT 05733
TEL: (802) 247-8127
FAX: (802) 247-0107

Check Out the Vermont Archaeological Society Web Page!