RETN will be airing the following CRV programs:

"The Building of the Bishop DeGoesbriand Hospital and Its Relationship to the
University of Vermont College of Medicine" by Suzanne Forest Ferland, Oral
Historian, UVM College of Medicine

   - to air today, Monday, September 21, 1998, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

"Monitoring Environmental Change in Vermont" by Tim Scherbatskoy, Natural
Resources, University of Vermont

   -  to air Tuesday, Sept. 22, from 8:30 to 10 p.m.
   -  repeating twice on Wed., Sept. 23, at 2 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

"Changing Views of Vermont" by UVM Art Professor William C.Lipke
(co-sponsored by the Robert Hull Fleming Museum)

   -  to air Tuesday, Sept. 22, from 10 to 11 p.m.
   -  repeating on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 11 a.m.

"`Old Age Ain't for Sissies'-Huntington House and the Issue of Regulating Senior
Citizens' Care in Vermont: A Case Study" by Frank Bryan, Political Science,
University of Vermont

   -  to air Friday, Sept. 25, from 8 to 10 p.m.
   -  repeating on Saturday, Sept. 26, at 3 p.m.


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