Dear All,

I have received email back from both Europa's North American and British
offices this morning.  The firm is trying hard to find a new buyer/investor
and should not be written off yet.

They assure me that even if the firm is not sold, the parts/service part of
Europa is a moneymaking operation, will continue in business, and that all
experienced service engineers have remained on the job.  The British office
can still supply parts and if Europa Scientific is not restored soon then a
new firm will be created to supply parts and service for existing

They may have some trouble keeping up with phone calls so they suggest
email or FAX as the best way of reaching them during this interim period.
Their emails are-

North America    [log in to unmask]

Britain          [log in to unmask]

I certainly hope that Europa Scientific continue in business as they have
certainly proved a source of innovation.  For example, they have just
produced a new universal triple collector for the 2020 that can measure the
28,29,30,  44,45,46 and the 64,65,66 masses separately.  This collector
might eliminate some of the problems associated with changing oxygen
isotopes when trying to measure the 64+65 and 66 for S analysis.

Hope that this helps clear up any confusion.

Paul Brooks.

At 09:11 AM 9/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>To the ISOGEOCHEM List:
>Europa Scientific US has not answered its phone for two days.  Does this
>mean that the company has gone under as the post below seems to suggest?
>Or is their phone simply out of order?  Does anyone have certain
>Gregory Dolnikowski
>Andrea Lini wrote:
>> >It is now widely know that Europa Scientific has run into financial
>> >difficulties and faces an uncertain future. Europa has played an
>> >important part in the development of new instrumentation and
>> >applications for stable isotopes for many years. If their contribution
>> >to the field is lost then I fear that much of the momentum in new
>> >applications will also be lost. In the long run it is not in the best
>> >interests of the isotope community to have instrument manufacture
>> >concentrated in an ever smaller number of companies.
>> >
>> >I am hopeful that the strenuous efforts being made by Europa staff to
>> >revive the company and continue its distinctive approach will be
>> >successful. It will help these efforts if users can offer as much
>> >support as possible at this time.
>> >
>> >
>> >Charlie Scrimgeour
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