Thanks for the info about Europa.  I received this email shortly
thereafter and I assume most others have also.  I'm forwarding it to the list
for those that didn't receive it.  I'm pretty sure the folks at Europa read
this list and that's why I received this without asking for any information
first.  Hopefully this will help keep some rumors down...

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Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Mr. Myq Larson
Utah State University
Utah State University
Stable Isotope Facility/Soil Microbiology Lab
Department of Biology
Logan, UT  84322-5305

Dear :

I wanted to clear up any rumors that have been circulating around
concerning Europa Scientific Limited.  First of all, ESL in England is
under receivership.  The receivers are working with quite a few interested
parties in purchasing ESL.  At this time we do not know who this might be.
In the mean time service and support will be maintained.  If consumables or
spares are needed these will have to be purchased directly from our main
office in England on a temporary basis.  Support of systems with regard to
information can still attained from myself here in the states with the same
fax, email and phone number as before.

If you are approached by any other company saying they will give support I
would suggest looking at the offer a bit more closely.  To my knowledge, no
current Europa engineers work for any other company.  Therefore, the
support you may get may be lacking.

If you have questions concerning your systems please communicate with us so
we can get your problems alleviated.  Email and fax is by far the easiest
way of doing this.  We thank you for your support and allegiance with
Europa Scientific and we hope everything will be cleared up in the next few


Shane A. Crabtree
Technical Solutions Manager

Shane Crabtree

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