Hi Eric,

Thought I would get your attention by replying to your announcement.
Couldn't bring myself to reply to your new penn email address yet - I am
still in denial.

How are you?   How is life back there?  We miss you here guy.

From the looks of your announcement, you must be getting serious about
setting up your lab.  My best to you.  If there is anything that we can
help/advise with, do let us know.

Feels like Fall here now.  Aspen are turning, and nights are cool.  I love
it.  Love it when it rains.  Let us know how it goes some time.  When do
you return to Boulder?

With you,


P.S.  You probably don't want to hear about the $200 season passes to
Winter Park that were hot items a few weeks ago....  Hope we see you on
some slopes anyway.