Julie: Below are some papers I found last semester for the term-paper of
course Environmental Hydrogeology. They all dealt with carbon isotopes.

Jackson, A. W., Pardue, J. H. and Araujo, R., 1996, Monitoring crude oil
mineralization in salt marshes: Use of stable isotope ratios:
ENVIRON. SCI. Technol. , Vol. 30, No. 4, 1139-1144.
Borden, R.C., Gomez, C. A. and Becker, M. T., 1995,  Geochemical
indicators of intrinsic bioremediation: Ground Water, Vol. 33, No.
2, 180-189.
Landmeyer, J. E., Vroblesky, D. A. and Chapelle, F. H., 1996: Stable
carbon isotope evidence of biodegradation zonation in a shallow
jet-fuel contaminated aquifer: ENVIRON. SCI. Technol., Vol. 30, No. 4,
Conrad, M. E., Daley, P. F., Fischer, M. L., et al., 1997, Combined 14C
and d 13C monitoring of in situ biodegradation of petroleum
hydrocarbons: ENVIRON. SCI. Technol., Vol. 31, No. 5, 1463-1469

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On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Julie Sueker wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> I am searching for information regarding the use of isotopes in
> determining sources of or degradation of hydrocarbon contaminants.  I
> have had some trouble locating published material and would greatly
> appreciate any materials or references you could provide.
> Cheers!
> Julie
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