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        Subject:        Analysis of microlitre volumes of DLW


        I'm a PhD student in the Zoology Department at Cambridge
        energy expenditure in bees. I use doubly-labelled water to
        energy turnover and thus generate microlitre volumes (typically
in 5
        microlitre aliquots) of labelled body water. I have a small
vacuum rig for
        freeze drying the bees but it's not really adequate to use for
        reduction of the DLW samples as preparation for IRMS analysis.

        Does anyone know of a laboratory that might be able to analyse
        samples? They total about 100 bees (about 400 aliquots of DLW)
and the
        isotope concentration is likely to be high (initial
        estimated to range from about 300 - 700 ppm (some samples) and
        others less (turned over). There are also some samples with a
very high
        concentration (10% APE with various amounts of fractionation).
        I was hoping that they could be analysed using continous-flow
        IRMS as this would dispense with the need for separate reduction
and hopefully
        cope with the small volumes. Does anyone out there do this? Or
know of a
        good alternative that would suit my needs?

        Any help much appreciated.

        Dom Adair.

        Insect Flight Group,
        Department of Zoology,
        Downing Street,
        Cambridge CB2 3EJ
        Tel. 01223 334478