It's not too late to submit an abstract for a print poster or web based
demo for the MLA 1999 meeting in Chicago.

    The 1999 National Program Committee (NPC) invites you to submit
proposals for posters and Web-based electronic demonstrations that
emphasize visual presentation rather than written documentation. Accepted
posters and Web-based demonstrations will be on display during MLA '99 in
Chicago, IL. This is an opportunity to highlight creative solutions to your
library's present tensions as well as your visions of the future perfect
for libraries.

     You will be required to staff your poster or Web-based electronic
demonstration during portions of the conference. Print presentation areas
will include an 8-by-4-foot poster board, a table, and electricity. Other
presentation aids (e.g., computers or audiovisual equipment) must be
supplied by the presenter or may be obtained, at the presenter's expense,
by special arrangement with MLA.

     Web-based electronic demonstration presentations should be designed as
Web pages using standard HTML format.  Presenters are encouraged to bring a
laptop with a self-contained web presentation, not requiring Internet
access.  A self-contained presentation eliminates the problems of slow
connect speeds and lost connections, allowing full attention to the
presentation.  If presenters cannot bring their own laptop, the
presentation may reside on the presenter's home/local server, to be
accessible through  the MLA '99 Internet Center. Presenters who do not have
a local server for storing these Web demonstration projects will be
accommodated as part of the MLA '99 Web site and will be accessible from
the MLA '99 Internet Center through links to the MLA '99 Web site.

     More detailed information will be available after proposals have been
accepted. For up-to-date information concerning the MLA '99 poster session,
Check the MLA '99 Web site regularly.

How to Participate
 Submit two copies of the application form (found in the August 1999 MLA
News) and two copies of an abstract (250 word maximum) describing your
poster or Web-based demonstration. Explain the concepts you propose to
present and how they will be represented visually, and include a mock-up
showing the visual layout of the presentation.  List authors and
institutional affiliations on one copy of the proposal. The other copy
should be blind (no author names or institutional affiliations or any other
references that would identify the proposal).

    The deadline for receipt of proposals is October 1, 1998. Proposals
should be submitted on the form provided. Completed proposals may be sent
via surface mail or telefacsimile. Posters and web presentations will be
judged on quality and relevance to the profession. Authors whose proposals
have been accepted will be notified no later than January 1, 1999, and will
be given final preparation instructions for completing the projects and
submitting abstracts for publication. Final abstracts will be due in late
February 1999.